Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall and Winter 2013 Fashion Trends


Welcome everyone to the loveliness that is Fall!  I know many of us are sad to think that the summer weather may soon fade away.  But, please look on the bright side!  Fall means the renewal of enjoying a wider array of fashion pieces.  Where in summer, you yearn to be on trend, but sometimes must put fashion aside for comfort in the heat (wanting to wear your new blouse and booties, but opting for a strappy tank and flip-flops in the heat), a slight fall chill allows us to pull out all the fun layers, jackets, scarves, etc that we so enjoy!



Fall and Winter 2013 are full of chic silhouettes and fun pieces that should transition nicely from many items already in your wardrobe from Spring/Summer 2013 as well as last Fall.  Bold black&white geometic contrast prints continue to be huge for the Fall and Winter 2013 season and are now starting to be seen mixed with bold multi-colour florals.  Tailored leather and pleather pieces continue and are now being more embellished with asymmetrical zipper and metal stud accents.  The theme of religious regala is coming out strong for Fall and Winter 2013.  You will see the growth in popularity of cross themes as well as a beautiful assortment of religious renneseance painting prints and stain-glass like patterns as well.  Las Fall we saw an emergency of some unnatural coloured fur, feathers, and animal prints.  This Fall and Winter this theme is reviving even stronger.   Sheer and cut-out pieces also continue on from Spring and Summer.  And for Fall and Winter 2013 we are seeing a rise in large metal plate pieces like jewelry, belts, and accessories and also the use of hologram materials and metallic mesh looking pieces.  Monochromatic layers is another big theme for Fall and Winter.  Layering menswear inspired suit-wear and trenches all in matching neautral color.  Print and pattern themes for Fall and Winter 2013 garments are showing a continueance of cat themes with tigers, panther, etc.  As well as more appearances of cute kitty themed prints and tribal eye-ball prints as well.  Camoflauge and Celestial themes are also on trend for this season.

Fashion Colours and Patterns:

Many of the colors and patterns from the past year will continue to be on-trend for Fall and Winter 2013.  As mentioned earlier, your bold contrast black and whites continue to be key.  Black leather and mixed medias also continue to be key and Oxblood red also carries on from past seasons.  Luxurious Gem-tomes are also coming out strong for Fall and Winter.  Other elements you will want to add to your mix are the very bright electric blues and bright reds especially in fur and leather pieces.  Camofluage is also key as well as cat, skull and eyeball patterns for Fall and Winter 2013.



Fabrications for Fall and Winter 2013 mostly continue in the path of the past couple seasons.  Make use of your leathers, pleathers, sheers and furs.  Netting and mesh may still have some life left in them, but are definitely fading from the sport-inspired themes of Spring and Summer.  Velvets and boucle are coming back strong for Fall and Winter, but most with some metal edge to them or metal work accents.  Shirpah, fur, and feathers are all big for Fall, mostly in larger or dramatic silhouettes. 


Fashion Pieces:

For Fashion pieces this season tailoring is key.  Hold on to your pleather or coated skinny jeans, and tailer mixed media and peplum tops.  You will also be seeing a bit more of bootcut come-back in bottoms.  Skirts continue to be mostly short and a-line.  And many tops will continue to be cropped or have sheer pieces in the middle section.  Thigh-high boots are back, but this season seek out a fitted leather or pleather pair with a chunkier heal and more rounded or squared toe.  Biker and bomber jackets continue to be big, but also be sure to pull back out your black or camo cargo jackets from a few years back.  Spike covered shoes are still a big trend, so it may not hurt to grab your self a pair of lower heal black spike covered pumps.  Something semi-comfy that you can throw into jazz up many otherwise simple outfits.



black and metallic silver boucle jacket with metal chain trim, black mini dress in jersey cotton, hematite studded wide belt and patent chunky booties.

skull printed hi-low hem graphic tee, satin biker vest, silver spike collar necklace, snake-skin printed pants.

celestial night-sky printed tank, electric blue moto jacket, silver choker, navy skinny crop pants with white star print.

kitty print A-line mini dress, lux faux fur crop jacket, thigh-high pleather platform boots.

Camo fitted cargo-style jacket with multi-color embroidered details, fall colored chinky scarf, dark red skinny pant, metal studded biker boots.

black&white houndstooth tee, black&white striped blazer, black pleather skinny pants.

stained-glass-print fitted paneled mini dress, large chunky silver jewelry, black short booties.

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