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Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

Hello everyone!  My report appears to have taken a hiatus over the past year.  As a result, I felt it vital to get back on track now for Fall 2014.  Spring/Summer 2014 has brought in some fun  new revivals on pieces like the ear cuffs, bib bottoms, wide-leg / palazzo pant and soft-pant/jogger which we find carrying through into fall.  Spring and Summer of 2014 have also been a great Segway carrying on and strengthening some of the trends we earlier saw in Fall 2013 like the sporty looks, graphic contrasts, and animal elements (suede fringe, leather, bright furs).  Altogether, Fall 2014 Fashion trend are an evolution of revived classics like denim, lace, brocade and leather fashioned in a way that makes these very old items seem not only current, but also luxurious.

There are many Fashion Trend themes for Fall 2014.  In this section, I will bring up just a few of the strong ones for the season. 
Chic Western – Denim Jackets, vests, and chambre shirts paired with suede and fringe accents and accessories.
Diamond Lux – Rocked out and heavy-metal styles with glamorous shine and sparkle.
Urban Sporty – Sports jersey style tops, sporty jackets and studded wedge sneakers, mesh and netting feminine pieces like tailored blouses and maxi dresses.
Rich Tapestries – Heavy brocade fabrics tailored into capes, dresses, and maxi skirts.
90’s Alternative Revival – Wide-leg pants, chunky platform shoes, dusters (ankle-length flowing cardigans), chokers, baby-T’s and bibs.
Star Wars – With release or new movie there is also a rise of space-age star wars inspired looks for the season.

Fashion Colours/Patterns:
Some of the big fashion colours we see for Fall 2014 are blood red, black and neon combos (especially neon green), indigo and vibrant red/orange.
Prints and Patterns for Fall 2014 are flannel plaids, bold rich contrast graphics (like pop-art and graphic novels), sunflowers and insect patterns(mostly bees, butterflies and scarabs or beetles.

Some of the on-trend fabrications being used in this season's trend pieces/looks are as follows… Sequin, metallic, coloured furs, brocades, feathers, lace, leather, pleather and high-shine patents.  There is also an abundance of Denims plaids and flannels.

Fashion Pieces:
For Fall 2014 we will continue to see a lot of leather-looking and rocker-style leggings and skinny jeans.  Continuing from Spring we are also still seeing a lot of Palazzo pants (soft flowing fabric that is wide from the hip all the way to the ankle or floor) and harem pants.  There is also a newer emergence of the high-wasted, wide-led and flared-leg pants.  I don’t know about the rest of you ladies, but personally, I say “thank goodness!”.  Though I appreciate that many body-types, including the short and curvy such as myself, can rock them some skinnies…. I have always felt more body confident in a wide-leg or flared style.  It helps balance out my curves J.
Denim is big big BIG for Fall 2014!  Denim Jackets, vests, ripped and patchwork boyfriend jeans are all key pieces for this season.
Bib wide-leg pants, maxi dresses and denim overalls have made an appearance for spring and continue much stronger into Fall 2014.  To go along with these we have a strong 90’s grunge and alternative style revival which is also bringing back large flannel shirts, baby and cropped T’s, Ankle-length dusters and chunky sweaters.
Cut-out garments continue to be big for Fall 2014.  Tops cutout with mesh panels in the front , back or both sides.  Cut-outs in shoes are big for the season.  As well as extremely high double slits in maxi skirts.  Sometimes even exposing the pelvic bone.    While some of these cut-out trends may sound a bit trashy, it is important to remember that any of these can still be done in a more classy manor.  The first thing to remember is that not every trend will work for every body type.  We are all shaped different and when trying on trend pieces and making purchase decisions think about tailoring options and physical limitations.  Some things can be tailored in at the waist to be more form flattering.  But items that are too tight anywhere, or just shot too much might not be for you.  It’s ok.  Just explore other trendy looks  and pieces to find what flatters your body best.  If you are able to go for one of these trendy peek-a-boo looks remember not to “give it all away”, ladies!  Even an item showing a good deal of skin and be classed up by pairing with coordinating more conservative items.  Cut-out tops and should be paired with full-coverage bottoms, like a nicely tailored wide-leg pant or maxi-skirt.  A high-slitted skirt can be paired with a high colored long-sleeve top.  This helps keep a look sexy, while also looking confident (NOT trashy!).
Key shoes for Fall 2014 are the flat platform shoe and sneaker, heeled mules and clogs, Birkenstocks, combat boots and the cut-out bootie.
A few key accessories for Fall 2014 are the hair handkerchief (tied at the top of head for a bow-like look), the large statement ear cuff and the midi-rings (smaller size rings and sit between the end and middle joints of the finger).


Mixed prints in coordinating colours. Long open-front cardigan, wide-leg palazzo pant, black cami and chunky sterling coiled necklace.

Leopard maxi dress, black choker, and black duster.

Tiger jersey-style tunic, pleather patchwork leggings, faux chanel quilted cross-body bag, heavy bling layered necklaces, studded wedge sneakers.

Purple faux-fur cropped jacket, sheet sequin tee, black pleather skinny jeans, jeweled platform sling-back pumps.

Multi-colour heavy jeweled choker, butterfly mirror image tee, black pleather skinny jeans.

Black and white striped baby Tee, vintage bib denim overalls, leather chord choker and long leather rope necklace.

Orange red A-line dress, camouflage jacket with multi-colour embroidered detail, and faux-suede clog mules.

Red mesh blouse with heavily embroidered shoulder and arm beadwork, high-waisted flare-legged jeans.

King Tut printed tee, ripped skinny jeans and combat boots.

Swag Pug embellished tee, black and white over-sized flannel shirt, black and white polka-dot handkerchief, blood-red pleather skinny jeans.

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